March 12, 2009

Review # 1 – Remote Control – Cynthia Polansky

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Remote Control
by Cynthia Polansky

Release Date: 01/02/09
Publisher: Echelon Press
Genre: Chick Lit
ISBN: 978-1590805398
Pages: 283
Format: E-Book
List Price: 13.00
Author Page: Cynthia Polansky
MR Reviewer: Lynette
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When we first become acquainted with Judith McBride, she informs the reader that she is already dead from an unfortunate, and rather embarrassing medical procedure gone awry. But this doesn’t seem to negatively phase Mrs. McBride, as she attempts to settle in “up here” and become more acquainted with the rules, practices and people in the afterlife. As if adjusting to a new spirit life isn’t enough of a task for her, Judy quickly becomes involved with spying on the husband she left behind in her untimely death who is now, much to her dismay, dating, or should we say, getting way too close to a mutual business acquaintance of theirs. Unfortunately, the people in charge up there, and even her new found close friends think she is making a big mistake by involving herself with the human world. However, this does not dissuade Judith in any manner because she is stead fast and determined that she is going to save her husband from making any stupid decisions that could cost him his life. But how will Judith be able to juggle learning the ways of the spirit world and ultimately be able to grow as a spirit, if she is spending so much time involving herself with her new found powers in attempts to stop a possible bad outcome in her husband‘s life? Will there be a happy ending for Judy where she can change a person’s destiny in a positive manner, or will she end up paying the ultimate price for her meddling?

Cynthia Polansky has the knack of taking an extremely serious subject like death and living in the afterlife and not only expertly but gently walk you through some of the ups and downs, but she does it all and wraps it up with a wonderful touch of humor. Throughout Remote Control, readers are taken on a thought provoking journey through the afterlife of the main character, Judith McBride, and will often find themselves easily fitting into the character’s roles and pondering what their own thoughts and decisions would be if they were in this very same position. Although this book is not a gripping, wild book, it is definitely a page turner that is well worth reading as you are quickly transported into the afterlife and become attached to all of the characters, patiently awaiting the outcome of the story.


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