March 20, 2009

Review #4 – Celtic Bonds – Terri Pray

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Celtic Bonds
by Terri Pray

Release Date: 12/01/08
Publisher: Pink Petal Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 142
Format: E-Book
List Price: 0
Author Page: Terri Pray
MR Reviewer: Lynette
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A seemingly normal day occurs for both Susan, an avid history buff who is on an archeological dig when she finds an interesting and quite important artifact among the rubble, and Govan, a Druid, from centuries ago, who is lamenting the loss of his Queen. Somehow they are magically thrown together and embark on a jaunt of lusty thrills, but will they be able to remain together throughout time?

Celtic Bonds takes a simple story about two very different people who are thrown together from completely contrasting worlds and eras, and expertly intertwines it with touches of romance, steamy sexuality, and science fiction themes. Although the author used some sexual wording which is a bit too modernly worded for the times when the Celts lived, it does not distract the reader too much that they will be unable to fully enjoy this love-through-the-ages story.


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