March 22, 2009

Review #5 – Practical Purposes – Yeva Wiest

Posted in fiction, Manic Readers, Review at 11:21 pm by reviewsonbooks

pp1Unfortunately, death is never a simple event, especially for dear old Miss Odessa Collins, who finds herself up against something awful, which ultimately leads to her untimely demise and sets into motion another ghastly event. For you see, Miss Odessa’s brother does not look too kindly upon his own son, despite him being a well respected doctor in his area, not to mention his son’s lover, who also happens to be a white man, who is definitely not welcome at any family event, especially this particular funeral. But what could possibly happen when regular people gather around to mourn the loss of their loved one?  Could it be a simple paying of respects or will it end up a messy mayhem of missing persons and missing ears?

Practical Purposes has the makings for quite an interesting story at first glance. Death, kidnapping, forbidden love, all wrapped up in one story, what more could a reader ask for in this fast paced story? Well, perhaps the story could have been a lot more interesting if it was not so short. Of course short stories do have a place in the reading market, but this one  felt a little bit too rushed and needed a bit more substance to give it that final kick from a mediocre story to something much more intriguing. The shortened length coupled with the ridiculously silly ending made for a disappointing story that could have been a lot better considering the great topics that was originally presented to the reader.


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