April 14, 2009

Review #7 -The English American – Alison Larkin

Posted in DelGals books, fiction, Review at 4:11 am by reviewsonbooks

engami2The English American is a multifaceted story of love. Readers are taken on a wonderful journey of ups and downs through the life of Pippa Dunn, a 28 year old woman born in the United States of brash, somewhat radical parents, and adopted by calm and reserved British folk. Her quest is to find the love of her biological parents, while she holds a tentative balance on the love of her adopted parents, potential boyfriends and ultimately loving herself as she attempts to discover who she is and how everything relates in her life.

Ms. Larkin clearly writes not only from her own personal experiences as an adoptee, but she intertwines this serious topic of adoption and the emotional roller coaster that many people go through, and expertly sprinkles in great humor, touching sentiment, and exciting page turning plot twists that entices the reader to continue reading until the sweet conclusion. This is a must read for not only adoptees and their families, but anyone will truly enjoy this lovely story and will benefit from learning a bit about the emotions that people go through when making a decision to find their biological parents.

On a side note, I would like to add that not many reviewers point out the impact or importance of the cover of their books they are reviewing, perhaps for fear of falling for the old adage, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but I would like to point out that I really appreciated the visual message this book cover sent out to it’s readers. Not only does the front and back cover depict the main character of the book in both her worlds of England and America, but the subtle fact her eyes are hidden from view really impressed me. The reader is left to ponder whether she is hiding her identity from others or does she not exactly know her own identity fully that is why she hides it from view. In short, I liked the cover, both back and front, and will be commenting on more cover art in future books because I believe it’s quite an important piece of the entire package and should be openly and honestly discussed.


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