April 26, 2009

Review #8 – A World I Never Made – James LePore

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Review originally posted in Feathered Quill Reviews


By: James LePore
Publisher: Story Plant
Publication Date: April 2009
ISBN: 978-0981608723

Patrick Nolan, a widow from Connecticut, is called to Paris to claim the body of his estranged daughter, Megan, who committed suicide, but upon viewing her body, he immediately discovers that this is not his daughter and that Megan, wherever she may be, is obviously in a tremendous amount of danger and needs help.
Pat begins his world wind journey to find his daughter that will ultimately take him to far away lands from France all the way to the Czech Republic. On his way he pairs up with the beautiful Catherine Laurence, a detective from France who has also lost her husband and together they withstand the treacherous search for Megan coming out with an unusual bond between each other.
Megan Nolan’s story simultaneously unfolds with the author’s riveting storytelling ability as readers discover Megan’s true identity as a journalist in Morocco who is notorious for playing games with her rich lovers. However, this time it seems she has come up against a Saudi businessman, Abdel Lahani, who has much power and control, a fact that Megan has unfortunately learned the hard way and cannot simply slip out of, for she has not only placed herself in grave danger but possibly countless others as well.
Author James LePore has masterfully created a remarkable, gripping tale of suspense in this his debut novel. Readers are expertly taken on a thrilling ride from the very beginning when we learn of the faked suicide which begins the harrowing search through countries narrowly escaping those who are on a simultaneous manhunt for Megan. A World I Never Made is filled with strong, vividly described American, French, Saudi and gypsy characters which the reader quickly forms an attachment towards all the while being transported through wonderfully described exotic lands that creates an atmosphere of breathless suspense affording readers a desire to continue reading up until the thrilling, yet tender, conclusion.


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