April 30, 2009

Review #9 – My Booky Wook – Russell Brand

Posted in DelGals books, memoir, non-fiction, Review at 1:18 am by reviewsonbooks

bookyRussell Brand, a fairly new stand-up comedian here in the U.S. hailing from merry old England, has written a wildly raw and unabashed memoir about his life of compulsive and destructive behaviors with sex and drugs and his tumultuous career as an actor and comedian. His life starts off fairly unceremoniously and “normal”, his parents divorce when he is young. Readers then find Russell breaking the rules in school, and getting kicked out of school after school, despite doing quite well in some of them. This behavior continues on through adulthood with his inability to keep and sort of job, all the while partaking in a plethora of drugs and mindless sex.

Luckily for fans of Russell Brand, this book is not merely a tale of his uncivilized and raucous days living in England getting thrown out of numerous institutions, doing drugs and having sex. Russell comes clean and is rather forthright in writing about how he managed to get help for not only his drug addiction, but his addiction to sex as well, and how he managed to get his life straightened out in order to become one of England’s (and recently America’s) funniest, strangest comedians.

Although some of Mr. Brand’s writing style and references to countless television shows or his use of English humor may present a slight difficulty for the American reader who is unfamiliar with these particular references, his humor begins with a strong force and continues to happily take the readers throughout the entire book, never ceasing until the very end.


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