May 10, 2009

Review #10 – Finding the Moon in Sugar – Gint Aras

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Review originally posted on Odyssey Reviews

Andrew Nowak, a pot head slacker with a dysfunctional family
consisting of a mother and sister, meets and falls in lust/love with
Audra, the foreigner wife of one of his pot buddies. He becomes so
consumed by her mysterious aura that he blindly decides to sell
everything in order to follow Audra across continents to live with her
in Lithuania. Unfortunately, he soon ends up in a major whirlwind of
her crazy life and ends up completely broke and trapped in a foreign
country. In the meantime, while struggling to come to grips with
what’s happening to him, he gets thrown into yet another whirlwind
romance and dysfunctional family turmoil.

Gint Aras’ novel catches the reader’s attention right in the beginning
with the rough yet descriptive language that the main character uses
throughout the entire story. Dysfunctional characters from Andrew to
Audra and the Lithuanian friends that Andrew meets on his adventures,
to name a few, are aplenty in this story and are expertly described
through Andrew’s crazy point of view. Despite the raw language
utilized in this story, readers cannot help but warm up to and feel
sorry for the numerous and naive dilemmas that befall Andrew in his
quest to find love and ultimately find himself in his insane world.


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