May 16, 2009

Review #13 – The Cape Cod Witch and the Pirate’s Treasure – J. Bean Palmer

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The youngest witch on Cape Cod, Elsbeth Amelia Thistle, is growing up in a fairly normal fashion with her grandmother, Hannah Goodspell, a silly and mischievous black cat, and attends a local school where she has a few interesting but non-magical friends. During Halloween, some of the school children decide they want to uncover a local legend about a pirate, Billy Bowlegs, and his treasure. The children manage to sneak off to embark on a treasure hunt, but find themselves in quite a scary predicament.

J. Bean Palmer skillfully weaves an enchanting story filled with many excellent characters, not merely limited to the youngest witch, Elsbeth, but a prince turned into a frog, and local Indians who help when needs arise. Not only does the author add a touch of Cape Cod history and flair throughout the book which will delight both locals, visitors, and even those who have never experienced this quaint sea town, but a few environmental issues are discussed in such a way to both entertain and create an important statement. The Cape Cod Witch and the Pirate’s Treasure is also filled with colorful illustrations by Melanie Therrien which are generously laced throughout, enhancing significant parts of the story. Readers both young and old will undoubtedly enjoy Elsbeth’s adventure, and will look forward to hearing continued tales of the youngest witch on Cape Cod.


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