May 27, 2009

Review #17 – Hawkes Harbor – S.E. Hinton

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Author, S. E. Hinton, who is most known for her great tales of the lives of tough male teens such as The Outsiders, has once again enlightened the reader with a male centered story about the life of orphan bastard, Jamie Sommers. From early on, Jamie was destined to get into some type of trouble or another. This lifestyle continued well into his adulthood where he took up sailing the wildly treacherous seas and lived to tell tales of his adventures, which included murder, smuggling, a shark attack, pirates, and imprisonment, to name a few. Luckily, Jamie managed to survive all of this and finds himself living in a quiet town in Delaware, which should offer him some much needed peaceful tranquility. However, as the story progresses, he uncovers such a mysterious evil which not only completely destroys Jamie’s sanity and turns him inside-out, but changes his demeanor and threatens his mere existence.

Although the story of Hawkes Harbor remains dominated by a male character, it is quite a change from Hinton’s earlier novels. This story is filled with detailed descriptions, and carries the reader quickly from page to page learning of the wild adventures of Jamie Sommers and the people and events he encounters. Unfortunately, despite this book being a page-turner which will undoubtedly immediately hook fans and new readers alike, many fans of Hinton may not appreciate the different writing style in this story, and may be left wondering about a few critical parts of the story, including the most important, how Jamie involved himself in the predicament which ultimately led him to near destruction.


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  1. Ti said,

    The S.E. Hinton book caught my eye. My son just bought several of her books. He is finally reading! Thank GAWD~! He’s not a reader. Can you tell? LOL.

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