June 3, 2009

Review #19 – The Cape Cod Witch and the Legend of the Pirate – J. Bean Palmer

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This review originally posted on Odyssey Reviews

The youngest witch in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Elsbeth Amelia Thistle, finds herself caught up in the midst of another wild adventure, this time Elsbeth and her classmates venture to Boston, Massachusetts on a class trip. What seemed to be an exciting school trip off Cape turns out to be anything but, especially when the children find themselves involved with a ghostly privateer (don’t ye dare call him a pirate, matey!) in a desperate hunt for their kidnapped friends. Will Elsbeth be able to use her witch status to the rescue, or will she be doomed to sail around aimlessly in hopes of catching the villains?

J. Bean Palmer has once again captured young readers’ attention with this next edition of the youngest witch in Cape Cod. This story is filled to the brim with adventure, plenty of vivid and likable characters (even the cranky teacher, Ms. Finch) and topped with history and important environmental lessons for the young reader. Elsbeth serves as a lovely example of a tenacious and passionate girl, who is able to navigate and overcome some fairly scary adversities to positively help those in need in the end. Finally, illustrator Melanie Therrien has also returned to include her vibrant pictures that add a perfect touch and emphasis to this Cape Cod Witch Series.  And if that’s not enough to capture a reader’s attention, there is real history information and recipes tucked in the back of the book. The treasures in this tale will undoubtedly capture young readers’ heart, as they wonder what will happen next, and should definitely not be passed over.


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