June 17, 2009

Review #22 – Get Fit With Your Dog – Karen Sullivan

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Unfortunately nowadays with many people working sedentary jobs involving little movement other than typing endlessly on a keyboard, people have become increasingly heavier and out of shape. Dogs are not exempt from this issue either, especially since many families are busy at work all day, and come home to vegetate on the couch ignoring the family dog who has been sleeping and inactive for the entire day. Many find the desire to workout and are successful, but then feel guilty because they don’t spend enough time with their dog. So what better way to be able to fit both exercise and quality time with your pets than to workout with the dog too! Get Fit With Your Dog provides the reader with ample health information and plenty of color photos, and charts about both humans and dogs alike. It also offers nutrition information and numerous exercise suggestions, including how to create your own dog agility course to not only get owners moving, but to get doggies body and mind active too. This suggestion may seem a little bit too unrealistic for some owners, but there are plenty of other more sensible activities from simple hiking to swimming with your pooch that will get you up, motivated and active with your dog.


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  1. Bluestocking said,

    My dog likes running. Liked your Teaser. Here is mine

    I started a book discussion forum on my blog called Cafe Blue

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