June 6, 2009

Review #20 – Brushed Back – Richard Paloma

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Detective Gino Spinelli unfortunately finds himself having to relocate and rebuild his credibility in the field by accepting a position in a small suburban community as a Sergeant in order to avoid serious disciplinary action when he is linked to the suicide of one of his ex-girlfriends. While adjusting to his new life and position on the police force, Spinelli is informed that one of his staff officers has become the prime suspect in the murder of his wife. Although some evidence suggests the man committed the crime, Sergeant Spinelli is assigned to lead the internal investigation and takes the controversial position that the officer is not guilty of murder. This task is of course not without troubles, which he soon finds out when he accidentally uncovers possible leads that hook the dead wife with a person who is in the Federal witness protection program, as well as disagreements with other police agencies and a difficult boss. But fortunately for Sergeant Spinelli despite his infamous love life which included two ex-wives and a lot of live-in relationships, he happens upon one of his old flames, who is looking remarkably good, which prompts him to rekindle the relationship all the while trying his best to discover who’s the real murderer and keep himself out of any further troubles.

Author Richard Paloma, who is a veteran in law enforcement for the past twenty years, spins an excellent story that is filled with both humor, a taste of spicy romance, and bits of critical policing details that only a fellow comrade in the field could so adeptly accomplish. The many characters, including some suspicious, while others, intriguing, are wonderfully described in this crime suspense novel that has the ability to keep the reader wondering “whodunit?” and “will he get the girl?”throughout the entire novel.


May 26, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

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It’s hard to believe the time flying by so fast that it’s Teaser Tuesday again.

I’m reading an ebook this week entitled Brushed Back by Richard Paloma


“Look Pooch, I don’t think you killed your wife.” page 62

“When cops get together, the conversation, when not discussing police work, or departmental dirt, usually centers around one of three things – women, money or sports.” page 98

March 22, 2009

Review #5 – Practical Purposes – Yeva Wiest

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pp1Unfortunately, death is never a simple event, especially for dear old Miss Odessa Collins, who finds herself up against something awful, which ultimately leads to her untimely demise and sets into motion another ghastly event. For you see, Miss Odessa’s brother does not look too kindly upon his own son, despite him being a well respected doctor in his area, not to mention his son’s lover, who also happens to be a white man, who is definitely not welcome at any family event, especially this particular funeral. But what could possibly happen when regular people gather around to mourn the loss of their loved one?  Could it be a simple paying of respects or will it end up a messy mayhem of missing persons and missing ears?

Practical Purposes has the makings for quite an interesting story at first glance. Death, kidnapping, forbidden love, all wrapped up in one story, what more could a reader ask for in this fast paced story? Well, perhaps the story could have been a lot more interesting if it was not so short. Of course short stories do have a place in the reading market, but this one  felt a little bit too rushed and needed a bit more substance to give it that final kick from a mediocre story to something much more intriguing. The shortened length coupled with the ridiculously silly ending made for a disappointing story that could have been a lot better considering the great topics that was originally presented to the reader.

March 20, 2009

Review #4 – Celtic Bonds – Terri Pray

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Celtic Bonds
by Terri Pray

Release Date: 12/01/08
Publisher: Pink Petal Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 142
Format: E-Book
List Price: 0
Author Page: Terri Pray
MR Reviewer: Lynette
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A seemingly normal day occurs for both Susan, an avid history buff who is on an archeological dig when she finds an interesting and quite important artifact among the rubble, and Govan, a Druid, from centuries ago, who is lamenting the loss of his Queen. Somehow they are magically thrown together and embark on a jaunt of lusty thrills, but will they be able to remain together throughout time?

Celtic Bonds takes a simple story about two very different people who are thrown together from completely contrasting worlds and eras, and expertly intertwines it with touches of romance, steamy sexuality, and science fiction themes. Although the author used some sexual wording which is a bit too modernly worded for the times when the Celts lived, it does not distract the reader too much that they will be unable to fully enjoy this love-through-the-ages story.

March 14, 2009

Review # 2 – Soul Mate – Ana Star

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Soul Mate
by Ana Star

Release Date: 10/28/08
Publisher: Mystic Moon Press
Genre: Horror
Pages: 15
Format: E-Book
List Price: 1.29
Author Page: Ana Star
MR Reviewer: Lynette
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Lonely teenager, Devon, has an after school ritual of stopping by at a convenience store for a soda and a rest on the outside sidewalk. But a seemingly normal day is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Silia an “odd girl” by Devon’s standards. What does this girl want from Devon, and how is it that she has such a good knack at appearing and then suddenly disappearing without leaving a trace?

Despite Soul Mates extremely short length, and not quite appropriate title, this story packs a punch of emotions that leads the reader on a bittersweet journey of life and untimely death. Ana Star captures the reader’s interest right in the beginning with the connecting of two lonely individuals as one of them mysteriously appears to the other, and sends the other, and the reader, on an interesting course towards ultimately finding out the almost unbelievable, but sad truth.

March 12, 2009

Review # 1 – Remote Control – Cynthia Polansky

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Remote Control
by Cynthia Polansky

Release Date: 01/02/09
Publisher: Echelon Press
Genre: Chick Lit
ISBN: 978-1590805398
Pages: 283
Format: E-Book
List Price: 13.00
Author Page: Cynthia Polansky
MR Reviewer: Lynette
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When we first become acquainted with Judith McBride, she informs the reader that she is already dead from an unfortunate, and rather embarrassing medical procedure gone awry. But this doesn’t seem to negatively phase Mrs. McBride, as she attempts to settle in “up here” and become more acquainted with the rules, practices and people in the afterlife. As if adjusting to a new spirit life isn’t enough of a task for her, Judy quickly becomes involved with spying on the husband she left behind in her untimely death who is now, much to her dismay, dating, or should we say, getting way too close to a mutual business acquaintance of theirs. Unfortunately, the people in charge up there, and even her new found close friends think she is making a big mistake by involving herself with the human world. However, this does not dissuade Judith in any manner because she is stead fast and determined that she is going to save her husband from making any stupid decisions that could cost him his life. But how will Judith be able to juggle learning the ways of the spirit world and ultimately be able to grow as a spirit, if she is spending so much time involving herself with her new found powers in attempts to stop a possible bad outcome in her husband‘s life? Will there be a happy ending for Judy where she can change a person’s destiny in a positive manner, or will she end up paying the ultimate price for her meddling?

Cynthia Polansky has the knack of taking an extremely serious subject like death and living in the afterlife and not only expertly but gently walk you through some of the ups and downs, but she does it all and wraps it up with a wonderful touch of humor. Throughout Remote Control, readers are taken on a thought provoking journey through the afterlife of the main character, Judith McBride, and will often find themselves easily fitting into the character’s roles and pondering what their own thoughts and decisions would be if they were in this very same position. Although this book is not a gripping, wild book, it is definitely a page turner that is well worth reading as you are quickly transported into the afterlife and become attached to all of the characters, patiently awaiting the outcome of the story.