June 22, 2009

New Review Category

Posted in Random Musings at 12:40 am by reviewsonbooks

As a new aspiring writer, (or should I say a new writer deciding to go public instead of keeping it under wraps like I’ve been doing most of my life) I am anxious to write, and make it thrilling enough that people will actually want to read it.  Of course being an intellectual nerd writer and avid reader, I cannot merely slap down words onto a paper and hope some publisher will in the end, after my sweat and revising, decide they want to sell my book to the masses.  Alas, I must learn the proper way of writing and the best way to market myself to sell the most books.  But how do I accomplish this task? There is a major plethora of books out there on how to be the best writer, have the most dazzling characters, and even how to self-publish, but which ones are really worth reading and will actually help me, and which ones are just a lot of words that look good but are merely an ego boost written by a haughty author? This has become my question as of late when I discovered my writing to-be-read book list I had been accumulating in the past few months, had gown to a staggering  25 books. So I figured why not read a good amount of them as a reviewer and a writer combined and give opinions on how useful or worthless a book might be to a new writer like myself.

So beginning in a few weeks, DelGal’s Book Reviews will also include book reviews of the writing genre in hopes of discovering the most helpful books for aspiring authors.